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Hydroponic agriculture, also known as soilless agriculture, is an innovative farming technique that is gaining popularity across the world, especially in urban areas. It involves growing plants in hydroponic system, without using soil. This way, farmers can produce crops all year round, irrespective of changes in weather and climate. Hydroponic agriculture has led to a significant increase in crop yields.
Environment has a low impact on hydroponic farming , as it eliminates the use of pesticides and fertilizers. This means that the crops can be grown without chemicals and are therefore healthy and safe for human beings. Additionally, hydroponic systems are versatile , like commercial greenhouses, indoor gardening, research and developmen, and can easily adjust to changes in market demands, allowing for efficient production of various crops throughout the year. It also requires less water than traditional farming. This is because water is reused in the system, and the plants take only what they need, leaving little to waste. Moreover, hydroponic systems are usually located in urban areas, reducing transport costs and increasing the availability of fresh produce in cities, where it is mostly scarce.
Plant growing cubes are a kind of growing substrates or medium, which play a vital role in hydroponic systems. The cubes are made of phenolic foam, which is a material as same as those of Oasis. This material has a number of advantages over other types of growing media, which make it a popular choice among growers.
Plant growing cubes in hydroponic agriculture is similar to the use of other substrates, such as rockwool, perlite, and coconut coir. However, phenolic foam cubes offer some unique advantages over other substrates. Rockwool, for example, can be difficult to handle and can cause irritation to the skin and respiratory system. Perlite and coconut coir are materials that can introduce pathogens into hydroponic systems. The planting cubes, on the contrary, have materials that are sterile and free from pathogens. They do not contain fibrous materials that irritate the skin and are very light and easy to separate, which means that they will be very easy for you to transplant into the seedbed, thus saving labor. Because of the sterility, the planting cubes can be used directly without cleaning and sterilizing , and the pre-operation is very cost-effective and efficient. At the same time, they won’t clog your hydroponic system, requiring less subsequent maintenance than other substrates. The growing cubes are pH balanced and have a neutral electrical charge, which ensures that nutrients are available to the plants in the right amounts.
Hydroponic agriculture is an innovative and sustainable method of growing plants that offers many benefits over traditional soil-based systems. Get your hands on plant growing cube s, they will make your hydroponic farming more efficient and productive!

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